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My Training

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My early background is an international upbringing, attending the International School of Kenya, with regular travel to China as a child. After 15 years in Kenya, I left to attend Yale University, graduating with a BS in Biology (ES93). After two years of cell biology research, I was strongly drawn to Chinese medicine and have not looked back ever since. I studied at the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine in Manhattan, NY, graduating in 1998 with a Master of Traditional Oriental Medicine (MTOM) degree. Training included complete grounding in acupuncture, herbology, Eastern nutrition, Oriental Medical theory, diagnosis and evaluation, as well as basics in Western medicine (physical exam, pharmacology, anatomy and physiology). All told, the degree represents 3,428 hours of training, of which over 950 hours are clinical hours, directly working with patients under supervision. In addition to this degree, I am nationally certified in herbology and acupuncture (Dipl.Ac&CH), and NY state licensed in acupuncture (L.Ac.).

I have also studied taichi since 1990 and have been teaching it for over 20 years. I have taken continuing education courses, including a rigorous course of study in tuina.

A note about licensure

Herbology is not licensed in the state of NY. Be careful to ascertain prior training before taking an herbalist’s advice.

Acupuncture is state licensed, but NY only requires 6 semesters of training – only half of what my school required of us. In addition, an MD can become a certified acupuncturist (C.A.) by receiving only 300 hours of training in Oriental medicine. With less training, a person cannot be as well-versed in the truly alternative perspective that Chinese medicine offers.

Angela Lee Chen, the artist

As an artist, my art is as diverse as my interests. I have been a digital artist on Photoshop and in graphic design since college. My mother, Rosa Lee, was a full-time artist in the medium of Chinese brush painting. When I was growing up, she would spend her days puttering in her studio, producing phenomenal work. I have come to realize that her creative imprint has shown up more and more in my life. Click here for my artist page.

210 Martine Ave, White Plains NY 10601

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