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Medical Massage (Tuina)

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At work with a patient

My training in tuina started in school but has since deepened tremendously by studying with world-class instructors Tom Bisio and Frank Butler. A key distinction in tuina is that the practitioner is seeking deep, effective results without raising resistance in the body. Instead of attacking right into the pain, we work around it in generally spiralling motions, so that the body unwinds the pain.

Inherent in our system of tuina is the fact that at no point can training in the technique be removed from self-cultivation. In order to effectively practice tuina, you have to be both strong and relaxed, in order to achieve the same result in the patient. The state of our own qi flow will affect the qi flow of the person we are working on.

Our training includes complete grounding in qigong for self-cultivation, as well as for rehabilitation. Often times, these exercises, handed down through the generations, are more effective than physical therapy!

I do not undertake full sessions of tuina in my practice. However, I do include tuina in every acupuncture session. I also teach qigong exercises as appropriate to your condition.

I also perform cupping, as seen at the Olympics!

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