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Gua lou flower nestled amongst lush leaves

Gua lou flower nestled amongst lush leaves

Most combinations of herbs we study in school are based on continuous written records dating back 2000 years. Over the years, the brightest and most eminent Chinese doctors commented on the use and contraindications of each herbal combination, resulting a very thorough knowledge of how to use herbs well. It would be the equivalent of the FDA undertaking a study of several tens of thousands of people over several hundred years… New is not always better, considering the human body has not changed that much in the past couple thousand years!

For the most part, Chinese medicinal herbs are imported into this country already dried, often chemically treated to limit bacterial and other growth, and sometimes subjected to quarantine at customs. Amazingly, after all that, they can still be so effective. There are other alternatives. In my clinic, I use pharmaceutical-quality prepared herbs in the form of tablets, granules or capsules.

A new and much healthier alternative is around the corner. I have been participating in an exciting project, spearheaded by the hard-working and dedicated Jean Giblette. Jean has been growing fresh locally-grown organic Chinese herbs right from the farm! Not as easy as it sounds, since it is still to be determined whether the correct plants can be identified, supplied, and then tested for High Falls Gardens is an acre of cultivated land supporting over 100 species of medicinally useful plants nestled in the Taconic Hills in Columbia County.

With enough time, energy and financial support, this farm will be the nucleus of local production-quality natural medicine.

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